Print quality: possible Z wobble


The printer I am using is an Artillery Sidewinder X1. In the photos attached you can see that I am having a lot of inconsistency between layers. The problem has never gone away and I always thought it was Z wobble but now I'm not so sure it is because we have tightened everything up, making sure everything is stable and tight. Is this Z wobble or is it something else. Could it be the filament? Does it have anything to do with the slicer settings?


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2that marks are due heating problem vs quality filament vs speed printing. I had the same few years ago. – Fernando Baltazar – 2020-12-09T01:17:58.183

Thanks for putting me on the right track. I will look into those three things and post an answer if I fix it. – HotGlue – 2020-12-09T19:35:59.897

For me this also look like overextrusion and heat- notice the drops in the middle of boardside's lower part. Also, corners (booth, bow) seems emphasized - and if it's not filament (too much + too hot = pressure) then maybe too little jerk? – octopus8 – 2021-02-06T23:59:05.050



No, this is not Z-wobble, Z-wobble is usually characterized by a repetitive distortion, from the supplied images this repetitive pattern is not observed. A Z-wobble pattern is typically caused by the lead screws, or the Z drive where carriage follows the X/Y motion of the lead screw nut.

A typical image of Z-wobble on a Benchy would look like:

enter image description here

Your print doesn't look that bad for a low-end 3D printer.


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