How to print "readily movable" articulated elephant using Creator Pro 2?


I watched many clips showing printing of an articulated elephant model (e.g. this and this). It seems that those printed elephants can move their legs straight out of the printer without any effort to force the leg to move.

I try printing the exact same elephant model using Creator Pro 2 in the default setting. After finished, the legs of the resulting elephant model stick with its trunk. I have to apply a very strong force to initially move its legs (which almost breaks the bridge between its legs).

So, I wondered if my Creator Pro 2 can print perfectly and readily movable elephant. What setting should I apply to achieve this result?


Posted 2020-11-10T09:43:02.427

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1Can you tell whether it was stuck on on the first layer - or on all layers? Sounds like it may mostly be slicer issues, e.g. "elephant's foot" (pun not intended) preventing movement. – towe – 2020-11-10T10:18:32.443

It seems that the bottommost layer of elephant's trunk was molten onto the topmost layer of the elephant's legs, which blocks the movement of both legs. There is a gap between each leg and the trunk without support. Chances are these unsupport portion of the bottommost layer of trunk will place onto the leg. – armamoyl – 2020-11-10T11:15:51.117

can you show a photo? – Trish – 2020-11-10T18:27:39.660

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