Identifying and Replacing Capacitor


So during one of my initial experiments I accidentally blew up one of my capacitors. Everything else works on the board except the motor control with the blown capacitor so I'm going to replace it. Now I know it's an SMD and its capacitance is 47 µF, I'm going to assume that the "H" marks it as a 50 VDC on its voltage rating and it has a diameter of 6.3 mm as measured with my caliper. I can't find anything that read the exact same as what is on the capacitor shown, does that matter or does only the capacitance and voltage rating matter? [assuming my idea of the voltage rating being 50 VDC is correct]

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1Wouldn't this question attract more attention when posted on EE.SE? – 0scar – 2020-09-24T06:35:35.410

What did you do to blow that cap? It seems likely that anything you could do to blow a cap would damage other components also. – DoxyLover – 2020-09-24T07:26:13.643

Usually only the capacitance and voltage matter. And it has to actually fit on the circuit board of course. – user253751 – 2020-09-24T13:00:58.587

I put 33 volts through my board like a dummy and it blew out the capacitor for the x controller and fried the motor control but that's an easy replacement as I have extra motor controllers. Only the x motor controller was affected by this overload. I checked all the other components with my voltmeter and everything else reads normal. – LDF – 2020-09-25T07:05:22.617

That capacitor is in parallel with all of the other motor capacitors. I think it is unlikely to be the culprit for that particular motor driver not working. Also, how do you blow up a 50V rated capacitor with 33V? – Tom van der Zanden – 2020-09-30T11:43:30.427

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