Can I use different sized steppers for different axes?


So basically, I have 3 different types of steppers.

  • A NEMA 23 stepper for the Z-axis,
  • a good quality NEMA 17 for Y-axis and
  • another lower quality NEMA 17 for X-axis.

This setup should work right?. I'm using TMC2209's stepper drivers and all are well within the drivers rated phase current limit.

Faraz Ahmed

Posted 2020-07-07T20:04:17.993

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Each axis is fine using a different stepper size and/or quality. You will still need to tune their operating current and steps/mm for each of course. Make sure your motor mounts fit too.

Where it might become challenging is if you wanted two different steppers on the SAME axis. As in, a NEMA17 + NEMA23 for a dual Z axis. I don't think this is what you intend though.

Sasha Schrandt

Posted 2020-07-07T20:04:17.993

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