Control issues with new printer prevent bed levelling process


I have recently built my first 3D printer from a kit, my assembly went fine with no issues but now I am struggling to level the bed correctly. My LCD screen does not give an option for manual bed leveling, instead, my manual gives a set of commands to do so but these commands are not working properly.

The commands provided should make it move to each corner but they cause it to move the head somewhere around the middle sides

Also, the range of movement seems to be inaccurate for example my Y-axis limit is 200 which should move it near the top although it won't move an inch above the bed. this same effect is happening to the Z-axis (it can only move in between 0-10 but that is not its limit)

My motherboard is a: MKS Gen L V1.0, the firmware I am using is Marlin and all endstops are working properly


Posted 2020-07-05T19:52:59.207

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This sounds as if the firmware is configured incorrectly. Care to share a link to your Configuration.h? You can put this e.g. on – 0scar – 2020-07-05T22:18:12.453

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