ETA for print job showing negative in Repetier host


I'm using Repetier host 1.0.6, and ever since adding default retraction settings, the "ETA" showing during a print job is negative:

enter image description here

It stays this way throughout the print job, which is no fun, since having a real ETA is super convenient.

Here are my retraction settings in Slic3r, for which I only changed length from zero to 5, and changed lift Z from zero to 2:

enter image description here

Why do I have a negative ETA value?


Posted 2020-04-14T23:23:00.863

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1First thing: revert these settings and see if the problem remains or not. Second thing: clearly you're printing with antimatter! :-) – Carl Witthoft – 2020-04-15T14:48:15.213

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