How could I keep the material on the print plate from bending up on a makerbot 2?


I printed a big base for a model, but the corners of the bottom bent up, making the whole base rock when set on a table. Is there a quick fix for a makerbot2 without a heated plate?

Dan Powers

Posted 2016-05-14T03:31:20.547

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  • Consider using a different material. Since you're on a replicator 2 you're probably not printing with ABS (which would be a terrible choice for a large, flat model) but probably with PLA. Perhaps you could try printing with PET(G) instead, which tends to warp even less.

  • You could try modifying your model a little. If you include several grooves in the bottom surface of your model that may provide some "strain relief" so-to-speak, preventing warping.

  • Increase adhesion: print your initial layer slower, closer to the build surface, at a higher temperature, with a brim, and with some kind of print surface to increase adhesion (tape/glue/hairspray).

  • Increase ambient temperature. The Replicator 2 does not have a heated bed, but you could still make the cooling more gradual by enclosing the printer, shielding it from drafts, etc...

Tom van der Zanden

Posted 2016-05-14T03:31:20.547

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Try printing with a raft, and adding "helper discs" to expand the size of the raft. You might also try lowering your extruder temperature a bit to reduce the cooling temperature differential.


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here are the options:

  • Use brim settings which increase contact surface.
  • Use some sort of glue. People are using many things including hairspray. I do prefer paper glue stick.

darth pixel

Posted 2016-05-14T03:31:20.547

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