How to open .max files


I'm new to this forum. I need help opening a .max file a friend sent me. The thing is, I dont have Alias Maya. Well, Alias Maya that works anyway.

Is there any other file openers that I can use? Or do I have to get Maya to open the file? I dont want to get download 1.3 Gb and discover that there is 15mb file opener. ;-)

Is there a file converter maybe? That converts .max to, maybe .obj?

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I believe the best tool for such conversion is 3DMax itself. I also tried google which returned me some worth-to-check results.

– darth pixel – 2016-05-10T04:27:26.430

Would alias not cut it? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T04:31:53.163

Would you please explain what you mean. – darth pixel – 2016-05-10T04:33:46.870

Would alias maya open the file? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T04:35:12.723

If you want to use it for 3d printing then I suggest you to ask your friend to export it to STL format. – Serg – 2016-05-11T08:13:42.673

Worth a shot :-D – GipsyD – 2016-05-11T08:14:44.227

.3ds is not .max Try converting online – PEdro – 2020-05-04T14:41:59.343



You could try import it with blender. It's a free software which should be able to import the files.

First thing is to go the the File->User Preferences->Add Ons tab. In the Import-Export section, enable the 3DS Add-on.

After that you can export it to the desired format. Before exporting you must select the model/mesh you want to export. Otherwise nothing will be exported. The obj exporter is enabled by default in blender.


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So I must export the file in Maya first? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:32:49.677

Or import in Blender? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:33:06.917

Blender should be able to import the .max file directly after activating the shipped 3DS Add-on ;) – salomonderossi – 2016-05-10T06:35:42.217

Ah. I see. How big is blender? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:36:22.177

Blender is about 100 megabytes at the moment. So not to big in my oppionion – salomonderossi – 2016-05-10T06:37:54.057

Oh woah. I was expecting it to be atleast 1gb. This is the whole file right? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:39:17.613

Jep. In the 100 mb download is everything you need. Just don't forget to activate the 3DS Add-on. I use blender a lot in my 3d printing projects... – salomonderossi – 2016-05-10T06:42:02.627

Oh great stuff. Thank you for the insight. I will try it and let you know. – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:42:50.690

Tell me something. Is a .max file the same as a .3ds file? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T06:49:39.830

These are two different file formats from the same company (Autodesk). But blender should be able to import both – salomonderossi – 2016-05-10T06:51:24.640

I installed blender, and went to add ons, and saw the .3ds file plugin was already on. I then looked for my file and didnt see it. Any suggestions? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T09:39:59.180

Is there another plugin? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T09:40:29.790

Have you had any luck importing .max files in blender? – GipsyD – 2016-05-10T10:21:45.477

Let us continue this discussion in chat.

– GipsyD – 2016-05-10T14:45:54.867