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I would like to get a green tombow PITS adhesive stick. On Rakuten, it costs \$1 (USD). On my 3d printer's (XYZ) retailer's site, it costs \$20 (USD). Due to the costs and the fact that Rakuten does not ship to my country, I need an alternative. I am currently using Davinci 1.0 for my bed, which I believe is a glass bed. So, my questions are:

  1. What glue is best for PLA plastic?
  2. What glue is best for ABS plastic?
  3. Is there a glue that functions with both types of plastic?

Mithun Kalan

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1The glue sticks I saw in use were normal office supply sticks. So probably optimized to glue paper ;-) So I would recommend to use whatever your local office supply store has. You can also try hairspray. – Lars Pötter – 2016-05-06T21:51:07.263

@LarsPötter hairspray is ok but it sprays (spread) around. paper glue is way better as it can be applied on exact place on the bed. – darth pixel – 2016-05-07T12:01:46.780

@MithunKalan please refrain from using phrases like What is the best.... These types of questions typically fall under the category of What types of questions should I avoid asking?. Thank you and welcome to 3D Printing SE!

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As mentioned by Matt - PVA glues work perfect for both filaments. It works well because it's softening temperature is between 45..85C so it's more or less temperature of HB.


  • cheap
  • easy to apply on HB
  • can be applied on cold as same as on hot HB
  • sticks model very well
  • non toxic, no solvent, odorless
  • easy to wash (from HB) (just wash it under water or scrape with sharp tool)
  • works very well even with old and dry layer of glue


  • quite hard to detach model (I use paper knife)
  • first layer is not glass-perfect
  • after detaching, model is a bit sticky (first layer)

I use Scotch Glue Stick by 3M.

darth pixel

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This answer focuses on one specific type of glue, while there are countless ones that work. A "these types of glues work"-type answer would be significantly more valuable than this answer, which is essentially a product endorsement/review. (Like the one given by Matt, except a bit more detailed). – Tom van der Zanden – 2016-05-08T20:28:15.027

@TomvanderZanden you are absolutely right! But isn't it what Mithun Kalan was asking for? I'll edit my answer of course to make it more general. – darth pixel – 2016-05-09T04:56:38.507


I use glue Sticks from Staples. It works. Anything else is over thinking :-) I use it daily on PLA and ABS on 3 out of 5 printers. Printed 5 lbs this week in plastic so far.

Following my flashforge creator pros use this amazing mat, that even after months of use still work great (so long as I clean it with alcohol every so)

Some use hairspray. Tried it, mix results, got sick of breathing the stuff in. Also it wont work on both plastics as gluesticks do.


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Most PVA glue works well for both (Poly Vinyl Acetate).
There are different brands in every country.


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1Are you able to elaborate a bit more on the glue and what makes it a good choice? – tbm0115 – 2016-05-07T18:24:47.717