What is the MKS Base AUX header connector type?


I'm looking to crimp wires to the AUX-1 and EXP pins of my MKS base. For sanity reasons, i cant directly use Dupont jumpers, they keep coming out.

MKS Base board

BIQU MKS-Base V1.6 Plate Controller Board for 3D Printer Ramps 1.4

In the above product image, the type of housing is the "black" colored headers on the board, around the top left corner of the board. Each header has ~10 male pins inside of it

Most of the other pins are of JST-XH type, for anyone else wondering.

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You need a 2.54 mm pitch (similar pitch to Dupont) female IDC (insulation displacement connectors on a ribbon cable) connector of 2x5P (pins) for the header connectors that have a notch. (for comparison, note that e.g. RAMPS 1.4 has 2x5p dupont headers on the shield for the AUX headers, not the notch type headers)

Flat ribbon connector

These connectors are usually crimped onto flat ribbon cables and used to connect the display to the board. These connectors have a rectangular notch to fit the gap in the housing to correctly position the cable (which the 2x5P Dupont don't have).

Flat ribbon cable, 10P (2x5P)

For reference/difference, an image of the Dupont 2x4P and 2x5P is shown below, highlighting both sides ("up" on the left, "down" on the right):

Dupont 2x4P and 2x5P


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