How do I take a screenshot on a Windows Phone device?



On iOS devices you can take a screenshot by pressing the home & sleep buttons at the same time. Is there a similar way to take a screenshot with Windows Phone?


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You can cast a vote here. That's the official place to make requests.

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Yes, this functionality will appear in WP8. – peSHIr – 2012-08-09T08:10:52.987



For devices still running Windows Phone 8, hold the power button and then press the Windows key. The screenshot will then be stored in a "Screenshots" album in the photos.

For those updated to Windows Phone 8.1, press and hold power+volume up simultaneously.

There is a video guide from Microsoft on YouTube

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There are a few ways to take screenshots:

  1. If you're just a developer and just want to take screenshots for marketing your app, you can use the emulator's screenshot tool.
  2. If you have a developer-unlocked phone ($99 a year from Microsoft, or via unofficial tools) you can use third-party apps like the one described here.

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@peSHIr Really? I thought that was free, last I tried. – NoBugs – 2015-08-04T04:00:19.437

It is now, it wasn't in October of 2013 or April of 2012.. – peSHIr – 2015-08-06T06:32:00.090

Developer accounts are now $19 a year, I think. – peSHIr – 2013-10-21T10:41:09.980

1Nothing for normal users? – Matthew Read – 2012-04-25T03:25:29.880

3Unfortunately, no. – Juliana Peña – 2012-04-25T03:45:51.993


In Windows Phone 8 you are able to save a screenshot by holding both the power button (often on the side of the phone, between the volume buttons and the camera button) and the home button (the middle button under the screen, with the Windows logo on it) for some time. Such screenshots are saved in the Screenshot album of the Picture Hub.

And just to be complete: in Windows Phone 8.1 Preview this combination was changed to holding both the volume up and the power button. If you use the older Windows Phone 8.0 key combination, you get shown a message box that tells you of this change.

For normal users (no developers) in Windows Phone 7.5 and earlier there is no way to make a screenshot of your phone except using another camera(phone) to do it. I think this is still the case in the Windows Phone 7.8 update that brings the smaller home screen tiles from Windows Phone 8.


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1For wp8 isn't POWER BUTTON and Home key? – Andrei Rinea – 2013-03-26T12:01:10.193


Windows Phone 8

Press and hold Start button and Power icon at the same time to take a picture of your screen.

Windows Phone 8.1

Press the Power icon and Volume Up buttons at the same time to take a picture of your screen.

Windows Phone 7, 7.5

It do not provide a way to take screenshots without unlocking the phone with developer tools.

The screenshot will then be stored into a "Screenshots" album in the photos.

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