Is it possible to "root" a Windows Phone device? What are the benefits?



Android devices can be "rooted", allowing unrestricted access to the file system, tethering, extra hardware control, and more.

The Windows Phone operating system is not a Linux-based operating system, but does the same idea still apply? If so, what WP-specific things can be done once the device is "rooted"?


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Yes, with WP7RootTools.

It gives you:

  • registry-editor (with access to low level previously restricted parts of the registry)
  • file-explorer with basic file-operations
  • certificate-installer with write-access to the certificate-stores
  • policy-editor

Note that Rooting is different then unlocking and custom ROMs.

Jim McKeeth

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6As of December 2014, these tools only work for WP7.x not for WP8.xPeter Hahndorf 2015-01-03T22:22:45.197

1Yes, that link is Windows Phone 7 specific.Jim McKeeth 2015-01-04T20:02:46.333