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Jordan is a kinrick on the East Bank o the River Jordan in Wastren Asie. It haes mairches wi Saudi Arabie sooth-eastlins, Iraq eastlins, Sirie norlins an Israel an Palestine tae the wast, sharin control o the Dead Sea. Jordan's anerlie port is at its soothren tip, at the Gulf o Aqaba, whilk is skared wi Israel, Egyp, an Saudi Arabie. Hantle o Jordan is kivered bi the Arabian Desert. Housomeivver, the north-wastren pairt o Jordan is pairt o the Fertile Crescent. The caipital ceety is Amman.

Throu its history, Jordan haes seen a thrang o ceevilizations, includin sic auncient near eastren anes as the Canaanites an later ither Semitic fowks lik the Edomites, an the Moabites. Ither ceevilizations possessin poleetical sovereignty an influence in Jordan wur: Akkadian, Assyrian, Israelite/Judean, Babylonian, an Persian empires. The lands o Jordan wur for a time unner the rule o Pharaonic Egyp, componed pairt o the greater Kinrick o Israel (includin the later Judaean Kinrick, Hasmonaen Kinrick o Israel an Herodian Dynasty), an notably, the region o Jordan gied birth tae the Nabataean ceevilization an aw, whilk left rich airchaeological remains at Petra, ane o the New Seiven Wonders o the Warld locatit in the Ma'an Govrenorate. Cultur faurer wast left their mark an aa, like the Macedonian/Greek/Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, an Ottoman Turkis empires.

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Monastery complex on Skellig Michael.

Eemage: Ewan McAndrew


Michael van Gerwen

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