Oaylleeaght pholitickagh

She oaylleeaght theayagh oaylleeaght pholitickagh ta bentyn rish sheiltynys as cliaghtey ny politickaght as scrutaghey er coryssyn politickagh as ymmyrkey politickagh. She yn cur sheese eck dy mennick na obbraghey pragmatagh jeh ellyn as oaylleeaght ny politickaght. Ta shiartanse dy vagheryn eck, as ad goaill stiagh: sheiltynys politickagh, polasee theayagh, politickaght ashoonagh, mooinjerys eddyrashoonagh, as politickaght chosoylagh.

She bun ta'n art shoh. Cur rish, son foays y yannoo da Wikipedia.

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