Milt Turner

After graduating from Pearl High School,[1] he attended Tennessee State University, where he coincided with Hank Crawford,[2] who he later recommended to join him in Ray Charles' band when he took over from William Peeples in the late 1950s.

Milton Turner (1930-1993) was a jazz drummer.

In 1962, he was a member of Phineas Newborn's trio with Leroy Vinnegar,[3] on whose solo albums he would later appear, and in the early 1960s, Turner also recorded with Teddy Edwards. He never recorded as a leader.


With Ray Charles

With Hank Crawford

  • More Soul (Atlantic, 1960)
  • The Soul Clinic (Atlantic, 1962)
  • True Blue (Atlantic, 1964)
  • Dig These Blues (Atlantic, 1966)
  • After Hours (Atlantic, 1966)
  • Mr. Blues (Atlantic, 1967)

With Teddy Edwards

  • Good Gravy! (Contemporary, 1961)
  • Heart & Soul (Contemporary, 1962)

With Joe Gordon

  • Lookin' Good! (Contempoarary, 1961)

With Paul Horn

  • The Sound of Paul Horn (Columbia, 1961)
  • Profile of a Jazz Musician (Columbia, 1962)

With Charles Kynard

  • Where It's At! (Pacific Jazz, 1963)

With Phineas Newborn, Jr.

  • The Great Jazz Piano of Phineas Newborn Jr. (Contemporary, 1963)

With David "Fathead" Newman

  • Fathead (Atlantic, 1960)
  • House of David (Atlantic, 1967)

With Helyne Stewart

  • Love Moods (Contemporary, 1961)

With Sarah Vaughan

  • Sarah Sings Soulfully (Roulette, 1963)

With Leroy Vinnegar

  • Leroy Walks Again!!! (Contemporary, 1963)
  • Jazz's Great Walker (VeeJay, 1964)

With Jimmy Woods

  • Awakening!! (Contemporary, 1962)


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