ProCare was a service offered by Apple Computer for use at Apple retail stores providing enhanced access to services from the Genius Bar. ProCare had an annual membership fee of US$99 for use with up to three Apple computers. Among the services included with membership were scheduling of GeniusBar reservations up to 14 days in advance (vs. 3 days for non-members) and faster turnaround times for in-store repairs. ProCare membership also included personalized setup of new machines, a yearly 'tune-up' and 'backup consultation'.

ProCare previously included individualized training and instruction on a variety of topics relating to Apple computers and software, but as of 2 May 2007 this was spun off as a separate training service called One to One.[1]

ProCare is no longer available for sale and is superseded by JointVenture from Apple [2]


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