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Sharp PC-E500S pocket computer

A pocket computer was a 1980s-era user programmable calculator-sized computer that had fewer screen lines, [1] and often fewer characters per line, than the Pocket-sized computers introduced beginning in 1989.[2]

Manufacturers included Casio, Hewlett-Packard, Sharp, Tandy/Radio Shack (selling Casio and Sharp models under their own TRS line) and many more.

The programming language was usually BASIC.

The latest Sharp pocket computer, the PC-G850V (2001) is programmable in C, BASIC, and Assembler. An important feature of pocket computers was that all programming languages were available for the device itself, not downloaded from a cross-compiler on a larger computer.

List of non-Pocket computers

The section below contains[3] machines that were several pounds in weight and briefcase size.

Cambridge ComputerZ88 (portable)
CasioAI-1000, FX-602P, FX-700P, FX-702P, FX-710P, FX-720P, FX-730P, FX-750P, FX-780P, FX-785P, FX-790P, FX-795P, FX-802P, FX-820P, FX-840P, FX-850P, FX-880P, FX-890P, PB-80, PB-100, PB-500F, PB-770, PB-1000, PB-2000, PB-5200P, Z1-GR
Elektronika / AngstremMK 85, MK-85M, MK-90, MK-95, MK-98
EpsonHX-20, HX-40, PX-4, PX-8
Fujitsu GeneralGeneral LBC-1100 ("hand held computer")
GridCompass (Laptop)
Hewlett-PackardHP-41C, HP-41CV, HP-41CX, HP-71B, HP-75C, HP-75D[4]
Hiradas TechnikaPTA-4000, PTA-4000+16
KikuichiPC-A10, PC-A2
MatsushitaNational JR-800
Nationalsee Matsushita
National Cash Register (NCR)
Nixdorf ComputerLK 3000
PanasonicRL-H1400 HHC (also sold as Quasar HK-2600TE), RL-H1800 HHC
PsionPsion Organiser
SeikoMC-2200, DF-2200
SharpPC-1100, PC-1140, PC-1150, PC-1200, PC-1201, PC-1210, PC-1211, PC-1212, PC-1245, PC-1246, PC-1246DB, PC-1246S, PC-1247, PC-1248, PC-1248DB, PC-1250, PC-1250A, PC-1251, PC-1251H, PC-1252, PC-1252H, PC-1253, PC-1253H, PC-1255, PC-1260, PC-1261, PC-1262, PC-1270, PC-1280, PC-1285, PC-1300, PC-1300S, PC-1350, PC-1360, PC-1360K, PC-1365, PC-1365K, PC-1401, PC-1402, PC-1403, PC-1403H, PC-1404G, PC-1405G, PC-1415G, PC-1416G, PC-1417G, PC-1417GS, PC-1421, PC-1425, PC-1430, PC-1431, PC-1440, PC-1445, PC-1450, PC-1460, PC-1470U, PC-1475, PC-1480U, PC-1490U, PC-1490UII, PC-1500, PC-1500A, PC-1500D, PC-1501, PC-1600, PC-1600K, PC-1605, PC-1605K, PC-2500, PC-2500S, PC-5000, PC-E200, PC-E220, PC-E500, PC-E500PJ, PC-E500S, PC-E550, PC-E650, PC-G380, PC-G801, PC-G802, PC-G803, PC-G805, PC-G811, PC-G813, PC-G815, PC-G820, PC-G830, PC-G850, PC-G850S, PC-G850V, PC-G850VS, PC-U6000, PC-V510, PC-V550, PC-V930, EL-5400, EL-5500, EL-5500II, EL-5500III, EL-5510, EL-5520, EL-6300[5][6][7]
Smith CoronaPTA-632
Tandy CorporationTRS-80 Model 100, Tandy/TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-1, PC-2, PC-3, PC-4, PC-5, PC-6, PC-7, PC-8
Texas InstrumentsTI-57, TI-58, TI-58C, TI-59, TI-74, TI-74S, TI-95, CC-40
ToshibaIHC-8000 system

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