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The iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers designed and developed by Apple Inc.; it has a wide variety of accessories made by Apple available for it, including a screen cover specifically for the iPad 2 called Smart Cover, as well as a number of accessories to allow the iPad to connect to other devices, some of which enable non-touchscreen input.

List of accessories by Apple

Accessory Image Description Compatible devices Source
Smart Cover
A cover that attaches magnetically to the side of the device and covers the front. The Smart Cover has three folds, dividing the case into four portions, so it can be maneuvered to create a stand for the tablet. This can be either used to prop the iPad up in a position suitable for typing, or in an upright position for watching video and video calling over FaceTime. To expose the rear-facing HD video camera on the iPad, the cover can also be folded in half. The cover aligns with the front screen of the iPad and is designed to add very little thickness to the overall profile of the device. Additionally, when the Smart Cover is lifted off the face of the iPad, it automatically turns the device on from standby, meaning the on/off button on the top right of the device does not need to be pressed when the user wishes to use it. A smaller Smart Cover, featuring 3 folds and an integrated hinge, was released alongside the iPad mini.iPad 2
Third-generation iPad
Fourth-generation iPad
iPad Air
All iPad mini models

iPad Pro

Smart Case
Similar to the Smart Cover, however includes an outer shell for extra protection. In 2013 Apple released an updated version of the smart case for iPad Air and iPad mini and discontinued all colors of the previous iPad generation smart case except for the Dark Gray color. In 2014, Apple announced an updated version of the smart case for the iPad Air 2 and discontinued all colors except black for the iPad Air smart cover.iPad 2
Third-generation iPad
Fourth-generation iPad
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
All iPad mini models
Apple Digital AV Adapter
Released with iPad 2 and mirrors video output. This adapter allows the user to mirror anything on the iPad's (iPad 2 or later) screen to a HDTV or any other HDMI-compatible display, in up to 1080p, so that whatever the iPad's user does is viewable to the audience watching on the larger HDMI-compatible display. The Apple Digital AV Adapter connects to the iPad 2 or later or iPad 2 Dock via the 30-pin dock connector, whilst the other end has two connections; one is a 30-pin dock connector to charge/power the device whilst being used, the other is a HDMI-out for connecting to any HDMI-compatible display using an HDMI cable.First-generation iPad
iPad 2
Third-generation iPad
Apple Composite AV CableAllows the iPad or iPad 2 to be connected to any TV or home cinema system to allow Movies and other videos to be watched in stereo sound only on a TV from the iPad or iPad 2. This is achieved by plugging the wires into the composite video and audio plugs in a TV or home cinema system and into the 30-pin connector on the iPad or iPad 2. However, it will not mirror the display.[7]
iPad VGA Adapter
Works in exactly the same way as the composite AV cable but connects to the component inputs of a TV rather than the composite input.[7]
iPad Camera Connection Kit
A kit of 2 adapters, one USB and one for SD Cards. They copy the images from an external camera and import them to the iPad. This accessory is compatible with all generations of the iPad and will allow photos and videos to be transferred from an iPhone but not vice versa. Camera Connection kit can also be used to attach USB audio card or MIDI keyboard, even general keyboards for typing.[8]
iPad Dock
Almost the same as the original iPad dock, however it is moulded specially for the design changes of the iPad 2, such as making the iPad thinner. It also includes a "Line Out" port in the back for speakers. This dock also works with the 3rd Generation iPad with the 0.6mm difference in thickness (the 3rd Generation being thicker) still allowing the 3rd Generation iPad to fit into the iPad 2 moulding. The dock was styled the iPad 2 Dock when the iPad 2 was the latest iPad available, however when the New iPad was released it was renamed 'iPad Dock'. The iPad Dock is not compatible with the fourth generation iPad, which uses the Lightning connector. There are two versions of the iPad Dock; One without the keyboard and one with the keyboard.[9]
iPad Power Cord
A 1.8 metres (5.9 ft) power cord that can be used to allow an iPad to be used while on charge as the power cord supplied is too short for this to be easily possible in most circumstances. Along with the cord, a wall adapter and a 30-pin dock or lightning connector cable is sold.First-generation iPad
iPad 2
Third-generation iPad
Fourth-generation iPad
iPad Mini

iPad Pro

Apple Wireless Keyboard
Allows the user to type and input text onto various iPad applications. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to all generations of the iPad. The keyboard is designed for the current models of the iMac, Mac and Macbook Families, but nevertheless works with the iPad although some of the keys are non functional. The iMac is supplied with the Apple Wireless Keyboard[11][12]
Designed to allow the wearer to use comfortable ear buds while listening to music. These headphones also come with a remote and microphone on the cord for use with all generations of iPad as well as iPhone and iPod Touch. These are dual armature type in-ear headphones.[13][14][15]
Apple Pencil
The Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen that works as an input device for the iPad Pro tablet computer and was designed by Apple Inc.[3] It was announced on September 9, 2015, alongside the iPad Pro and released in conjunction with it on November 11, 2015.[4][5] iPad Pro
Smart Keyboard
Silicone Case

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  • Gecko Gear, founded in 2006, sells 100 accessories ranging from protective covers to cases, screen protectors to armbands


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