Informatics Europe

Informatics Europe
Formation 2006
Type Learned Society
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
+ 110 institutions (28 countries)
Enrico Nardelli (Roma, "Tor Vergata")

Informatics Europe is the European association of academic and industrial research institutes in the field of information and computer sciences.


Founded in 2006,[1][2] Informatics Europe has grown to represent over 110 members from 28 countries, including industrial research labs such as Google and Intel.

Members are institutes rather than individuals and include PhD-granting university departments of Informatics, computer science, computing etc. as well as public and industrial research institutes in information and software technology in Europe and neighbouring countries.

Informatics Europe liaises with scientific organisations such as the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), the Association for Computing Machinery and the Computing Research Association in North America.


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