Hokky Situngkir

Hokky Situngkir
Born (1978-02-07) February 7, 1978
Pematangsiantar, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Residence Bandung
Nationality Indonesia
Awards Indonesian National Award of Intellectual Property (2013)[1]
Scientific career
Fields Complexity, Econophysics, Data Science
Institutions Surya University Center for Complexity
Bandung Fe Institute

Hokky Situngkir (born February 7, 1978)[2] is an Indonesian scientist who researches complexity theory at Surya University. He is the founder of the Bandung Fe Institute, a research institute for social complexity research. His academic activities include research regarding the aspects of fractal geometry in Indonesian Batik,[3] mathematical aspects of Indonesian traditional folk songs and in the architecture of Borobudur,[4][5][6] as well as Indonesian stock market analysis with econophysics alongside Indonesian senior physicist Yohanes Surya.[7] He helped create the Indonesian Digital Library of Traditional Culture (Perpustakaan Digital Budaya Indonesia) in order to increase public access to information about the diversity of traditional Indonesian culture, for the further application of data sciences.[8]


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