Calculator watch

A Casio Databank calculator watch
Casio CFX-400 Scientific calculator watch circa 1985
The µWatch, an open source DIY scientific calculator watch

A calculator watch is a digital watch with a built in calculator, usually including buttons on the watch face. Calculator watches were first introduced in the 1970s and continue to be produced, despite falling from their peak popularity during the 1980s. The most notable brand is the Casio Databank series, though watches made by Timex were also popular.

Most calculator watch contains only few amount of functions like +, -, x, / and percents. Howewer, there are several models with additionas functions: scientific, including transcendent and trigonometry, in models Casio CFX-200, CFX-400, Citizen 49-9421, and also financial functions (in the Casio CBA-10).

Usually calculator watch operates with eight digits number, however, calculator watch can operate with 6 digits (for example, Casio C-801) or 10 digits (Casio CBA-10) numbers.


Calculator watches first appeared in the mid 1970s introduced by Pulsar (1975, then a brand of the Hamilton Watch Company)[1][2] and Hewlett Packard.

Several watch manufacturers have made calculator watches over the years, such as Pulsar and Timex, but the Japanese electronics company Casio produced the largest variety of models. In the mid-1980s, Casio created the Databank calculator watch, which not only performed calculator functions, but also stored appointments, names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Mass-produced calculator watches appeared in the early 1980s, with the most being produced in the middle of the decade,


The future of the calculator watch as a practical and useful electronic device has been impacted by the introduction of PDAs, mobile phones, and other powerful multi-functional compact computing devices. As a result, many calculator watches are used for aesthetic purposes.

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  • Nelsonic game watch - Multipurpose wrist-watches allowing the wearer to play micro video games, these units were the technological descendants of the calculator watch and were patented under calculator watch patents.
  • Smartwatches introduced in the 2010s are similar to calculator watches in both aesthetics and functionality, even though far more advanced in capabilities.


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