Bill Fernandez

Bill Fernandez
Nationality American
Education Homestead High School
Occupation Engineer, Inventor
Known for Apple Inc employee #4 who first introduced Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; a member of the Apple Macintosh development team

Bill Fernandez is a user interface architect and inventor who was Apple Computer's first employee when they incorporated in 1977 and is Apple employee # 4. He is the son of Judge Bill Fernandez and Bambi Fernandez (both Stanford University graduates).[1] He worked on both the Apple I and Apple II personal computers, and in the 1980s was a member of the Apple Macintosh development team. He contributed to several user interface aspects of the classic Mac OS, QuickTime and HyperCard and owns a user interface patent granted in 1994. He is also credited with introducing fellow Homestead High School student Steve Jobs to his friend (and Homestead alum) Steve Wozniak.[2]

Fernandez is portrayed by the actor Victor Rasuk in the 2013 film Jobs.[3]


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