List of places used in the names of chemical elements

40 of the 118 chemical elements have names associated with, or specifically named for, places around the world or among astronomical objects. 32 of these have names tied to the Earth and the other 8 have names connected to bodies in the Solar System. The first tables below list the terrestrial locations (excluding the entire Earth itself, taken as a whole) and the last table lists astronomical objects which the chemical elements are named after.[1]

Terrestrial locations

Location Element Symbol Z Coordinates
Magnesia, a district in GreeceMagnesiumMg1239°25′N 22°50′E
France (ancient name Gaul)FranciumFr87
Lutecia, Latin name for ParisLutetiumLu7148.85°N 2.35°E / 48.85; 2.35 (Lutecia (Paris))
Hesse, a state in GermanyHassiumHs108
Darmstadt, a city in GermanyDarmstadtiumDs11049°50′N 8°34′E
River RhineRheniumRe75
Strontian, a village in ScotlandStrontiumSr3856°41′N 5°34′W
Hafnia, Latin name for CopenhagenHafniumHf7255°41′N 12°34′E
Thule (perhaps Iceland or Greenland)ThuliumTm69
Holmia, Latin name for StockholmHolmiumHo6759°20′N 18°47′E
Ytterby, a village in Sweden YttriumY39 59°25′35″N 18°21′13″E
Ruthenia, Latin name for RussiaRutheniumRu44
Moscow Oblast, RussiaMoscoviumMc11555°42′N 36°58′E
Dubna, a town in RussiaDubniumDb10556°44′N 37°10′E
Americas (some sources say the United States specifically)[2][3][4][5]AmericiumAm95
California, a state in the United StatesCaliforniumCf98
Berkeley, California, a city in the United StatesBerkeliumBk9737°52′N 122°16′W
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in the United StatesLivermoriumLv11637°41′N 121°43′W
Tennessee, a state in the United StatesTennessineTs117
Japan (Nihon 日本)NihoniumNh113

Terrestrial locations (Indirect connotation)

Location Element Symbol Z Coordinates
Belur, India[6]BerylliumBe413°9′46.44″N 75°51′25.56″E

Astronomical objects

Astronomical object Element Symbol Z
Pallas (asteroid)PalladiumPd46
Ceres (dwarf planet)CeriumCe58
Pluto (dwarf planet)PlutoniumPu94

* - The element mercury was named directly for the deity, with only indirect naming connection to the planet (see etymology of mercury).

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