Yusuf al-Khal

Yusuf al-Khal
يوسف الخال
Yusuf al-Khal
Born (1917-12-25)December 25, 1917
Kafroun, Tartous Governorate, Syria
Died 1987
Occupation Poet

Yusuf al-Khal (Arabic: يوسف الخال; December 25, 1917[1] 1987) was a Lebanese poet of Syrian descent. He made his career largely in Lebanon. He was Greek Orthodox. He married the Syrian artist Maha Bayrakdar in 1970. Maha was a well-known painter in Damascus and she worked for several years in Lebanese media. They had two children Yusuf and Ward, who later became popular TV stars in Lebanon.

With Ali Ahmad Said (a.k.a. Adonis), al-Khal founded the magazine Shi'r ("Poetry") in Beirut in 1957.[2][3] His poetry has also been recognized in Near East poetry collections. (Nye, 76)

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