Young Kashgar Party

Young Kashgar Party
Leader Abd al Rahim Bay Bachcha
Founded 1933
Dissolved 1934
Headquarters Kashgar
Ideology Turkic nationalism
Anti-Chinese sentiment
Political position Far-right
Religion Sunni Islam

Young Kashgar Party was a Turkic Nationalist Uighur party which existed in 1933-1934. It helped found the First East Turkestan Republic. It was anti Chinese and anti Chinese Muslim. The uighur military leader Timur Beg and the Khotan Emirs Muhammad Amin Bughra, Abdullah Bughra, and Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra formed an alliance with the Young Kashgar Party. It convened a parliament of 40 members, and sent two delegates to Khoja Niyaz.[1][2] The Committee for National Revolution was another affiliated Turkic nationalist group, which was anti-Chinese, anti-Chinese Muslim, anti-communist, and anti-Christian.[3]

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