Yogurt soup

Yogurt soup
Yayla soup
Alternative names Bushala
Place of origin Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran
Region or state Middle East
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients yogurt, flour, rice, egg, spinach, mint, parsley
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Yogurt soup (Turkish: yoğurtlu çorba), sometimes known as yayla çorbası ("highland soup"), is a meal of Turkish cuisine.[1] It is a yogurt soup cooked with a variety of herbs (mint, spinach, purslane, parsley and others), rice, and (sometimes) chickpeas. It is also a common dish among Assyrians.

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  1. Jonathan Başan (1997). Classic Turkish Cookery. I.B. Tauris. pp. 80–. ISBN 978-1-86064-011-7. Retrieved 25 July 2013. Probably the most widespread of all the soups. Variations of it occur throughout western Asia, namely in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The most popular of which is yayla gorbasi, or 'meadow soup', which is flavoured with dried mint. Thickened with rice in Istanbul and ...

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