Yam naem

Yam naem
Yam naem sot
Place of origin Thailand
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Yam naem (Thai: ยำแหนม, pronounced [jam nɛ̌ːm]) in Thai cuisine can refer to two salads, originally from the Isan region, that are made with fermented pork sausage (naem, similar to the Vietnamese nem chua):

  • Yam naem khao thot (ยำแหนมข้าวทอด,  [jam nɛ̌ːm kʰâːw tʰɔ̂ːt]) - a snack often sold at street or market stalls. It is a dish made of crumbled, crispy-fried curried rice balls (similar to a spherical croquette), fermented pork sausage, shallots, green chillies or dried chilli flakes, peanuts, lime juice, fish sauce, and onion. This snack is eaten with raw leafy greens and fresh herbs on the side. This dish is also known as naem khluk (Thai: แหนมคลุก).[1][2]
  • Yam naem (sot) (ยำแหนมสด,  [jam nɛ̌ːm sòt]) - a typical "yam style" Thai salad made with the sour pork sausage, lemongrass, chillies, onions and peanuts, and seasoned with nam pla (fish sauce) and lime juice.[3]

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