World Snowshoe Championships

World Snowshoe Championships
Status active
Genre sporting event
Date(s) mid-year
Frequency annual
Location(s) various
Inaugurated 2010
Most recent 2018
Organised by WSSF

The World Snowshoe Championships are annual snowshoe running competition, held for the first time in 2006 and organised by World Snowshoe Federation.


1st2006SchladmingDachstein Glacier Austria
2nd2007SchladmingDachstein Glacier Austria
3rd2010VancouverBritish Columbia Canada
4th2011MyokoMount Myōkō Japan
5th2012Quebec CityQuebec Canada
6th2013FondoVal di Non Italy
7th2014RättvikDalarna County Sweden
8th2015Quebec CityQuebec Canada
9th2016Vezza d'OglioVal Camonica Italy
10th2017Saranac LakeAdirondack Park United States
11th2018Picos de EuropaCantabria Spain



2006 Emanuele Manzi Italy26:41Claudio Cassi France26:52Filippo Barizza Morocco28:47
2007 Claudio Cassi Italy53:38Antonio Santi ItalyDaniele Cappeletti Italy59:23
2010 Antonio Santi Italy49:56Tarcis Ancay  Switzerland50:01Jonathan Wyatt New Zealand50:29
2011 David Le Porho Canada1:35:48Joseph Gray United States1:35:49Hiroyuki Urano Japan1:44:16
2012 David Le Porho Canada45:25Eric Hartmark United States46:04Stéphane Ricard France46:13
2013 Alex Baldaccini Italy19:55Stephane Ricard France20:02Said Boudalia Morocco20:06
2014 Stephane Ricard France37:28.3Fillipo Barizza Italy37:46.3Just Sociats Asensio Spain38:15.2
2015 Maxime Leboeuf Canada46:40Just Sociats Spain46:58Joël Bourgeois Canada47:10
2016 Stephane Ricard France32:49Fillipo Barizza ItalyRoberto Ruiz Spain
2017 Joseph Gray United States28:22.05Nacho Hernando-Angulo Spain29:33.77Josiah Middaugh United States29:41.38
2018 Stephane Ricard France46:23Joseph Gray United States48:24Roberto Ruiz Spain48:55


2006 Maria Grazia Roberti Italy32:26Rebecca Harman United States39:19Rauni Parantain Finland41:01
2007 Cristina Scolari Italy1:06:02Sandrine Schornoz  Switzerland1:10:27Laurie Lambert United States1:18:40
2010 Maria Grazia Roberti Italy57:05Keri Nelson United States57:42Syl Corbett Canada1:00.32
2011 Djamila Bengueche France1:53:02Anne Marie Bais France1:53:56Claire Doule Canada1:53:57
2012 Maria Grazia Roberti Italy55:08Amber Ferreira United States57:41Mélanie Nadeau Canada59:44
2013 Isabella Morlini ItalyLaia Trias Andreu SpainMaria Grazia Roberti Italy
2014 Isabella Morlini Italy46:39.2Petra Kindlund Sweden47:02.5Mavi Gil Rafart Spain47:32.4
2015 Sarah Bergeron Canada57:28Laia Andreu Spain57:41Rosa Valls Spain1:00:02
2016 Isabella Morlini Italy32:49Ragna Debats NetherlandsRosa Vals Tio Spain
2017 Ragna Debats Netherlands34:57.41Annie Jean Canada36:48.77Michelle Hummel United States37:14.82
2018 Michelle Hummel United States57:05Ragna Debats Netherlands1:01:21Sandra Sevillano Guerra Spain1:05:21

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