World Short Track Speed Skating Championships

The World Short Track Speed Skating Championships are a senior international short track speed skating competition held once a year to determine the World Champion in individual distances, relays and Overall Classification. It is sanctioned by the International Skating Union and is usually held in March or April.

In 1967, the International Skating Union adopted short track speed skating, although it did not organise international competitions until 1976. World Championships have been held since 1981, though earlier events later received that status.

Skaters perform individual races in the 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters (super-final involving eight competitors with highest points after completion of other distances) and a four-person race, in the 3000 meters relay for women, and the 5000 meters relay for men. Points are given for each placings in the finals of individual distances (currently 34 points for 1st, 21 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, 8 for 4th, 5 for 5th, 3 for 6th, 2 for 7th, 1 for 8th). From 2009, the leader after first 1000m in the 3000m super-final is given extra 5 points. The athlete with the highest points after the points for all individual distances are added up (maximum 141 points, 136 points before 2009) is declared the Men's or Ladies' Overall World Short-track Speed Skating Champion. In case of a tie in points, precedence is given to the athlete with higher placing in the 3000m super-final.

Overall classification medalists


Season Location Winner Runner-up Third
1976Champaign Alan Rattray Gaetan Boucher Andre Chabrerie
1977Grenoble Gaetan Boucher Craig Kressler Hiroshi Toda
1978Solihull James Lynch Harry Spragg Alan Rattray
1979Québec Hiroshi Toda Louis Baril Nick Thometz
1980Milan Gaetan Boucher(2) Louis Grenier Marc Bella
1981Meudon Benoit Baril Gaetan Boucher Michael Richmond
1982Moncton Guy Daignault Gaetan Boucher Louis Grenier
1983Tokyo Louis Grenier Michel Delisle Guy Daignault
1984Peterborough Guy Daignault(2) Tatsuyoshi Ishihara Michel Daignault
1985Amsterdam Toshinobu Kawai Tatsuyoshi Ishihara Louis Grenier
1986Chamonix Tatsuyoshi Ishihara Guy Daignault Robert Dubreuil
1987Montréal Michel Daignault
Toshinobu Kawai(2)
none awarded Charles Veldhoven
1988St. Louis Peter van de Velde Richard Suyten Tatsuyoshi Ishihara
1989Solihull Michel Daignault(2) Kim Ki-Hoon Mark Lackie
1990Amsterdam Lee Joon-Ho Yuichi Akasaka
Wilf O'Reilly
none awarded
1991Sydney Wilf O'Reilly Kim Ki-Hoon Lee Joon-Ho
1992Denver Kim Ki-Hoon Mo Ji-Soo Lee Joon-Ho
1993Beijing Marc Gagnon Sylvain Gagnon Chae Ji-Hoon
Kim Ki-Hoon
1994Guildford Marc Gagnon Chae Ji-Hoon
Frederic Blackburn
none awarded
1995Gjøvik Chae Ji-Hoon Marc Gagnon Song Jae-Kun
1996The Hague Marc Gagnon Chae Ji-Hoon Orazio Fagone
1997Nagano Kim Dong-Sung Marc Gagnon Saturo Terao
1998Vienna Marc Gagnon(4) Fabio Carta Kim Dong-Sung
1999Sofia Li Jiajun Saturo Terao Fabio Carta
2000Sheffield Min Ryoung Éric Bédard Li Jiajun
2001Jeonju Li Jiajun(2) Apolo Anton Ohno Marc Gagnon
2002Montreal Kim Dong-Sung(2) Ahn Hyun-Soo Fabio Carta
2003Warsaw Ahn Hyun-Soo Li Jiajun Song Suk-Woo
2004Gothenburg Ahn Hyun-Soo Song Suk-Woo Li Jiajun
2005Beijing Ahn Hyun-Soo Apolo Anton Ohno François-Louis Tremblay
2006Minneapolis Ahn Hyun-Soo Lee Ho-Suk François-Louis Tremblay
2007Milan Ahn Hyun-Soo Charles Hamelin Apolo Anton Ohno
2008Gangneung Apolo Anton Ohno Lee Ho-Suk Song Kyung-Taek
2009Vienna Lee Ho-Suk J.R. Celski Charles Hamelin
2010Sofia Lee Ho-Suk(2) Kwak Yoon-Gy Liang Wenhao
2011Sheffield Noh Jin-Kyu Charles Hamelin Liang Wenhao
2012Shanghai Kwak Yoon-Gy Noh Jin-Kyu Olivier Jean
2013Debrecen Sin Da-Woon Kim Yun-Jae Charles Hamelin
2014Montréal Viktor Ahn(6) J.R. Celski Charles Hamelin
2015Moscow Sjinkie Knegt Park Se-yeong Wu Dajing
2016Seoul Han Tianyu Charles Hamelin Sándor Liu Shaolin
2017Rotterdam Seo Yi-ra Sjinkie Knegt Samuel Girard
2018Montréal Charles Hamelin Sándor Liu Shaolin Hwang Dae-Heon


Season Location Winner Runner-up Third
1976Champaign Celeste Chlapaty Kathy Vogt Peggy Hartrich
1977Grenoble Brenda Webster Kathy Vogt Valie Reimann
1978Solihull Sarah Docter Miyoshi Kato Patty Lyman
1979Québec Sylvie Daigle Cathy Turnbull Miyoshi Kato
1980Milan Miyoshi Kato Mika Kato Cathy Turnbull
1981Meudon Miyoshi Kato(2) Mika Kato Louise Begin
1982Moncton Maryse Perreault Louise Begin Sylvie Daigle
1983Tokyo Sylvie Daigle Mika Kato Miyoshi Kato
Maryse Perreault
1984Peterborough Mariko Kinoshita Sylvie Daigle Bonnie Blair
Nathalie Lambert
1985Amsterdam Eiko Shishii Bonnie Blair Nathalie Lambert
1986Chamonix Bonnie Blair Nathalie Lambert
Maryse Perreault
none awarded
1987Montréal Eiko Shishii(2) Nathalie Lambert Mariko Kinoshita
1988St. Louis Sylvie Daigle Yumiko Yamada Eiko Shishii
1989Solihull Sylvie Daigle Maryse Perreault Guo Hongru
1990Amsterdam Sylvie Daigle(5) Joelle van Koestveld Eden Donatelli
1991Sydney Nathalie Lambert Sylvie Daigle Zhang Yanmei
1992Denver Kim So-hee Yan Li Nobuku Yamada
1993Beijing Nathalie Lambert Chun Lee-kyung Zhang Yanmei
1994Guildford Nathalie Lambert(3) Kim So-hee Kim Ryang-hee
1995Gjøvik Chun Lee-kyung Wang Chunlu Kim Yoon-mi
1996The Hague Chun Lee-kyung Won Hye-kyung Isabelle Charest
1997Nagano Chun Lee-kyung(3)
Yang Yang (A)
none awarded Won Hye-kyung
1998Vienna Yang Yang (A) Chun Lee-kyung
Wang Chunlu
none awarded
1999Sofia Yang Yang (A) Yang Yang (S) Kim Moon-jung
2000Sheffield Yang Yang (A) An Sang-mi Yang Yang (S)
2001Jeonju Yang Yang (A) Wang Chunlu Evgenia Radanova
2002Montréal Yang Yang (A)(6) Ko Gi-hyun Evgenia Radanova
2003Warsaw Choi Eun-kyung Yang Yang (A) Kim Min-jee
2004Gothenburg Choi Eun-kyung(2) Wang Meng Byun Chun-sa
2005Beijing Jin Sun-yu Choi Eun-kyung Kang Yun-mi
2006Minneapolis Jin Sun-yu Wang Meng Kalyna Roberge
2007Milan Jin Sun-yu(3) Jung Eun-ju Kalyna Roberge
2008Gangneung Wang Meng Zhou Yang Yang Shin-young
2009Vienna Wang Meng Kim Min-jung Zhou Yang
2010Sofia Park Seung-hi Wang Meng Cho Ha-ri
2011Sheffield Cho Ha-ri Katherine Reutter Arianna Fontana
2012Shanghai Li Jianrou Valérie Maltais Arianna Fontana
2013Debrecen Wang Meng(3) Park Seung-hi Shim Suk-hee
2014Montréal Shim Suk-hee Park Seung-hi Valérie Maltais
2015Moscow Choi Min-jeong Arianna Fontana Shim Suk-hee
2016Seoul Choi Min-jeong Marianne St-Gelais Elise Christie
2017Rotterdam Elise Christie Marianne St-Gelais Shim Suk-hee
2018Montréal Choi Min-jeong (3) Shim Suk-hee Li Jinyu

All-time medal count

After the 2018 World Short Track Speed Skating Championships.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 South Korea1007465238
2 Canada647463201
3 China644543153
4 United States16163062
5 Japan13192153
6 Netherlands10141135
7 Great Britain7102037
8 Italy5132038
9 Russia33511
10 Australia25310
11 Hungary1315
12 Poland0101

Hosting tally

Times hosted Host country
6  United Kingdom,  Canada
4  United States,  Netherlands
3  China,  France,  South Korea
2  Austria,  Bulgaria,  Italy,  Japan
1  Sweden,  Hungary,  Poland,  Australia,  Russia
  • Includes scheduled world championships


Largest number of titles

Most consecutive titles

Gold medal sweeps

Medal sweeps

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