World Para Swimming Championships

The World Para Swimming Championships, known before 30 November 2016 as the IPC Swimming World Championships, are the world championships for swimming where athletes with a disability compete. They are organised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Previously on a four-year rotation, the championships are now held biennially, a year after the regional championships and year prior to the Paralympic Games.

On 30 November 2016, the IPC (which serves as the international federation for 10 disability sports, including swimming) adopted the "World Para" brand for all 10 sports. The world championship events in all of these sports were immediately rebranded as "World Para" championships.[1]


World Para Swimming Championships (Long Course)

The first World Para Swimming Championships were held from 2 December until 7 December, 2017, in Mexico City; the first IPC Swimming Championships (the former title of the championships) were held from 14 July until 26 July, 1990, in Assen, one year after the IPC was founded.[2]

Number Year Venue Dates Best Nation
1 1990 Assen 14 Jul 26 Jul unknown
2 1994 Valletta unknown unknown
3 1998 Christchurch 7 Oct 17 Oct  Canada
4 2002 Mar del Plata 3 Dec 12 Dec  Great Britain
5 2006 Durban 2 Dec 8 Dec  United States
6 2010 Eindhoven 15 Aug 21 Aug  Ukraine
7 2013 Montreal 11 Aug 17 Aug  Ukraine
8 2015 Glasgow 13 Jul 19 Jul  Russia
9 2017 Mexico City 2 Dec 7 Dec  China
10 2019 Kuching 29 Jul 4 Aug TBA

World Para Swimming Championships (Short Course)

The first (and only, as of 2018) short course world championships were held in December 2009, in Rio de Janeiro.

Number Year Venue Dates Best Nation
1 2009 Rio de Janeiro 29 Nov 5 Dec  RUS

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