World Nomad Games

World Nomad Games (Kyrgyz: Дүйнөлүк көчмөндөр оюндары) are an international sport competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The countries taking part in those games are the former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Russia (especially Sakha, Buryatia, Altay, Kalmykia, Bashkortostan republics, etc.) as well as other countries like Mongolia, Turkey, Afghanistan and the United States.[1] The first three World Nomad Games were held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan.

Sports and disciplines

A cultural program

The Games are surrounded by a cultural and ethnical program. During the first edition of the Games, a yurt village was installed, and cultural events not linked with the Games' disciplines occurred, as well as other entertaining activities.

List of Nomad Games

Number Year Host Country Host City Sports
I 2014  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata 10 + 4
II 2016  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata 23
III 2018  Kyrgyzstan Cholpon-Ata


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