World Martial Arts Games

The World Martial Arts Games, found July 27, 2005 by Alfred Kleinschwaerzer from Germany and Ken Marchtaler from Canada, is one of the top multi-disciplinary martial arts events worldwide.[1] The competition is held at a different location every year.[2] In 2011 the Games were held in two locations: The Pan American Martial Arts Games in Regina, Canada, and the European Martial Arts Games in Cheltenham, Great Britain.[2] They are a member of TAFISA.[3]

Welcome to the family of the World Martial Arts Games Committee (WMAGC). As a leading world martial arts group, we are in the privileged position to bring organization, strength, evolution and community to your athletes, members and customers through a family flair community.WMAGC provides its members with unique sport development opportunities, practical support programs, events, education and the opportunity to network with the international sport community at the highest of levels. We hope that you and your organization will become part of the growing WMAGC family. Together we are aiming for a united martial arts world and together we are strong.


Number Year Host City Country
12006Victoria Canada
22007Regensburg Germany
32008Busan South Korea
42009Sydney Australia
52010Las Vegas United States
*2011Regina Canada
*2011Cheltenham United Kingdom
62012Bregenz Austria
72013Bregenz Austria
8*2014Richmond Canada
92015Norwich United Kingdom
102016Johansburg South Africa
112017Florida United States
122019New Delhi India
  • 1st Pan Am Martial Arts Games – Regina, Canada – June 11 to 12, 2011
  • 1st European Martial Arts Games – Cheltenham, UK – October 21 to 23, 2011
  • Richmond, Canada – September 3 to 7 (8th World Martial Arts Games & 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Games)


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