World Fly Fishing Championships

The World Fly Fishing Championship is organised by the Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive (FIPS Mouche) and takes place annually between 27 teams of five individuals per country (in 2013), over three days.

FIPS Mouche

FIPS Mouche[1] is an abbreviation of "Fédération Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche" (in English, the "International Fly Fishing Federation"), which is the fly fishing arm of CIPS (Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive), founded in Rome in 1952,[2] the world regulating body for many different disciplines of fishing.[3] FIPS Mouche hand over the management responsibility for the organisation of upcoming FIPS Mouche event, in its entirety to selected host nation's fly-fishing governing body. The host nation is to ensure health and safety welfare, promotion, sponsorship and media arrangements, meet financial requirements and selection of suitable venues.[4]

WFFC rules

Six rounds with a duration of three hours of fly fishing are fished at five different geographical locations (sectors), a mixture of lakes and rivers to test all skills,[4] as chosen by the host nation beforehand for its abundant trout and game fish populations. All fish caught will be measured for length, rather than weight and are returned to the water alive.[5] Points are awarded to the most successful anglers and section points per round according to placing, with the winner receiving one point; the lowest overall score wins.

2017 WFFC

France won the 37th FIPS Mouche World Flyfishing Championship 2017 which took place in Slovakia with convincing domination of the event, securing three individual placings in the top 4 with the hosts only managing 4th place.[6] However, this was not enough to prevent Antonin Pešek of the Czech Republic winning the individual prize with a record score of just 8 points in Slovakia. Long shot outsiders Australia finishing in 5th place secured their first top 5 slot since the year 2000. The venues fished were the rivers Váh, Belá, Poprad and Orava and on the water dam Palcmanska Maša located on the river at Dedinky near Dobšiná. These rivers hold brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, chub, huchen (Danubian salmon) and dace which provided plenty of good sport during the tournament.

2018 WFFC and 2019 WFFC

The 38th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in 2018 will be fished between 17 to 23 September 2018, in Comano Terme, Trentino, Italy on the Sarca, Noce, Chiese rivers, and Cornisello Reservoir.[7]

The chosen host nation for the 39th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in 2019 is Australia and the contest will be held solely in Tasmania [4]

WFFC video history

WFFC results history

WFFC Championships team results 1981 to 2017

Event Host nation Year Winners Runner up 3rd place 4th place 5th place
39th WFFCAustralia2019---- [4]
38th WFFCItaly 2018----- [4]
37th WFFCSlovakia2017 France Czech Republic Spain Slovakia Australia [6]
36th WFFCUnited States2016 Spain France United States Czech Republic Slovakia [8]
35th WFFCBosnia and Herzegovina2015 Spain United States Bosnia and Herzegovina France Slovenia [9]
34th WFFCCzech Republic2014 Czech Republic France England Finland United States
33rd WFFCNorway2013 Czech Republic Italy France Finland United States
32nd WFFCSlovenia2012 Czech Republic Italy Spain France Slovakia
31st WFFCItaly2011 Italy Czech Republic Poland Spain United States
30th WFFCPoland2010 Czech Republic France Slovakia Poland South Africa
29th WFFCScotland2009 England France Scotland Finland Wales [10]
28th WFFCNew Zealand2008 Czech Republic New Zealand France Poland Italy [11]
27th WFFCFinland2007 France Czech Republic Finland Portugal Spain
26th WFFCPortugal2006 Czech Republic France Spain Italy Portugal [12]
25th WFFCSweden2005 France Finland Czech Republic??
24th WFFCSlovakia2004 Slovakia Czech Republic France Poland Belgium [13]
23rd WFFCSpain2003 France Belgium Spain??
22nd WFFCFrance2002 France Belgium Spain??
21st WFFCSweden2001 France Finland Czech Republic England Poland [14]
20th WFFCEngland2000 France Wales Australia??
19th WFFCAustralia1999 Australia France New Zealand??
18th WFFCPoland1998 Czech Republic Poland England??
17th WFFCUnited States1997 France Belgium Italy??
16th WFFCCzech Republic1996 Czech Republic France Poland??
15th WFFCIreland1995 England Wales Belgium??
14th WFFCNorway1994 Czech Republic Italy England??
13th WFFCCanada1993 England Poland Italy??
12th WFFCItaly1992 Italy Belgium France??
11th WFFCNew Zealand1991 New Zealand Poland England??
10th WFFCWales1990 Czechoslovakia Poland Belgium??
9th WFFCFinland1989 Poland France Finland??
8th WFFCAustralia1988 England France Australia??
7th WFFCEngland1987 England Australia New Zealand??
6th WFFCBelgium1986 Italy Belgium Czechoslovakia??
5th WFFCPoland1985 Poland Czechoslovakia France??
4th WFFCSpain1984 Italy England France??
3rd WFFCItaly1983 Italy Belgium Netherlands??
2nd WFFCSpain1982 Italy Spain Luxemburg??
1st WFFCLuxemburg1981 Netherland] Luxemburg Belgium?? [15]

WFFC Championships individual results to 2017

Event Host nation Year 1 Pl 2 Pl 3 Pl 4 Pl 5 Pl Ref.
37th WFFC Slovakia2017 Antonin Pešek8Gregoire Juglaret12 Sebastian Delcor14 Julien Daguillanes20 Ivan Verge21[16]
36th WFFC United States2016 Julien Daguillanes13Jordi Cortina14 Lance Egan18 Pat Weiss23 Roman Heimlich24[17]
35th WFFCBosnia and Herzegovina2015 Piotr Marchewka21 Nikola Trebjesant25 Devin Olsen27 David Arcay Fernandez28 Sebastian Delcor29[9]
34th WFFCCzech Republic2014 Luboš Roza14 Piotr Armatys22 Andrew Scott22 Peter Alexovic22 Jean Guillaume Mathieu23[18]
33rd WFFCNorway2013 Valerrio Santi Amantini14Martin Drož19 Julien Lorquet26 Antonin Pešek37 Sebastian Delcor39[19]
32nd WFFCSlovenia2012 David Arcay Fernandez12 Valerio Santi Amantini12 Tomáš Adam23 Howard Croston26 Antonin Pesek28[20]
31st WFFCItaly2011 Valerrio Santi Amantini19 Stefano Cominazzini27 Roman Heimlich28 Pablo Castro Pinos29 Thomas Drinan29[21]
30th WFFCPoland2010 Pavel Chyba24 Tomáš Adam25 John Horsey29 Julien Daguillanes30 Sandro Soldarini30[22]
29th WFFCScotland2009 Iain Barr23 Donald Thom25 Christian Jadouille31 Yann Caleri- Calum Crosbie-[10]
28th WFFCNew Zealand2008 Martin Drož- Julien Daguillanes- Tomas Starychfojtu- John Horsey- Lucjan Burda-[11]
27th WFFCFinland2007 Marek Walczyk246 Eric Lelouvier251 Antonin Pešek251 Bertrand Jacquemin252 Yann Caleri255


26th WFFCPortugal2006 Antonin Pešek- Jonathan Torralbo- Martin Drož [12]--- George Daniel -
25th WFFCSweden2005 Bertrand Jacquemin- Massimo Valsesia- Andrew Dixon-----[24]
24th WFFCSlovakia2004 Lav Antal12 Kazimierz Szymala14 Dan Svreek16 J. Canda- P.Machen-[13]
23rd WFFCSpain2003---- Jeff Currier-----
22nd WFFCFrance2002 Jerome Brossutti [25]- Tomas Starychfojtu [26]-------
21st WFFCSweden2001 Vladimir Sedivy29 Mark Yelland33 Pascal Cognard38 Stanislaw Guzdek39 Scott Tucker40[27]
18th WFFCPoland1998 Tomas Starychfojtu- Angelo Ferrari- Jozef Trnka- Milan Janus- Artur Raclawski-[28]


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