World Curling Federation

World Curling Federation
Formation 1966 (as International Curling Federation)
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
60 member associations
Official language
Kate Caithness

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is the world governing body for curling accreditation, with offices in Perth, Scotland. It was formed out of the International Curling Federation (ICF), when the push for Olympic Winter Sport status was made. The name was changed in 1990.

The ICF was initially formed in 1966 as a committee of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Perth after the success of the Scotch Cup series of world championships held between Canada and Scotland. At the outset, it comprised the associations of Scotland, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States. In the wake of its formation, it sanctioned the World Curling Championships. The WCF currently sanctions fifteen international curling events (see below). The WCF is managed by eight Board Directors, one president, three vice-presidents (one from each WCF regional zone - Americas, Europe, Pacific-Asia) and six Board Directors. The six Board Directors must all come from different member associations. All positions on the Board of Directors are elected by WCF member associations. The Board of Directors are supported by and a permanent staff of 14 employees. There are currently 60 member associations. In 2017, the WCF expanded to 60 member associations with the additions of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal and Saudi Arabia.[1]


The WCF mission statement reads: "The World Curling Federation represents curling internationally and facilitates the growth of the sport through a network of Member Associations/Federations."[2]

The purpose and aims of the WCF are as follows:[3]

  1. To represent curling internationally and to facilitate growth of the sport throughout the world
  2. To promote co-operation and mutual understanding amongst Member Associations and to unite curlers throughout the world
  3. To Defend and Further the interests of world curling
  4. To conduct world curling competitions
  5. To formulate rules of the sport of curling for world competitions and all other competitions approved by the WCF

Member Associations

Following is a list of member associations of the World Curling Federation:[4]

Year Name Country WCF Zone
2017 Afghanistan Curling Federation  Afghanistan Pacific-Asia
1991 Andorra Curling Association  Andorra Europe
1986 Australian Curling Federation  Australia Pacific-Asia
1982 Österreichischer Curling Verband  Austria Europe
1997 Belarusian Curling Association  Belarus Europe
2005 Belgium Curling Association  Belgium Europe
1998 Brazilian Ice Sports Federation  Brazil The Americas
2013 Bulgarian Curling Federation  Bulgaria Europe
1966 Curling Canada  Canada The Americas
2002 Chinese Curling Association  China Pacific-Asia
1998 Chinese Taipei Curling Federation  Chinese Taipei Pacific-Asia
2004 Croatian Curling Association  Croatia Europe
1990 Czech Curling Association  Czech Republic Europe
1971 Danish Curling Association  Denmark Europe
1971 English Curling Association  England Europe
2003 Estonian Curling Association  Estonia Europe
1979 Finnish Curling Association  Finland Europe
1966 French Ice Sports Federation  France Europe
2013 Georgian Curling Federation  Georgia Europe
1967 Deutscher Curling-Verband  Germany Europe
2003 Hellenic Curling Association  Greece Europe
2016 Guyana Curling Federation  Guyana The Americas
2014 Hong Kong Curling Association  Hong Kong Pacific-Asia
1989 Hungarian Curling Federation  Hungary Europe
1991 Icelandic Sport Federation  Iceland Europe
2003 Irish Curling Association  Ireland Europe
2013 Israel Curling Federation  Israel Europe
1972 Italian Curling Association  Italy Europe
1985 Japan Curling Association  Japan Pacific-Asia
2003 Kazakhstan Curling Association  Kazakhstan Pacific-Asia
2012 Kosovo Curling Federation  Kosovo Europe
2017 Curling Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic  Kyrgyzstan Pacific-Asia
2001 Latvian Curling Association  Latvia Europe
1991 Liechtenstein Curling Association  Liechtenstein Europe
2003 Lithuanian Curling Association  Lithuania Europe
1976 Luxembourg Curling Association  Luxembourg Europe
2016 FMC Deportes Invernales AC  Mexico The Americas
2012 Mongolian Curling Federation  Mongolia Pacific-Asia
1975 Netherlands Curling Association  Netherlands Europe
1991 New Zealand Curling Association  New Zealand Pacific-Asia
1966 Norwegian Curling Association  Norway Europe
2003 Polish Curling Association  Poland Europe
2017 Portugal Curling Association  Portugal Europe
2014 Qatar Curling Federation  Qatar Pacific-Asia
2010 Romanian Curling Federation  Romania Europe
1992 Russian Curling Federation  Russia Europe
2017 Kingdom Curling Association  Saudi Arabia Pacific-Asia
1966 Royal Caledonian Curling Club  Scotland Europe
2005 National Curling Association of Serbia  Serbia Europe
2003 Slovak Curling Association  Slovakia Europe
2010 Slovenian Curling Association  Slovenia Europe
1994 Korean Curling Association  South Korea Pacific-Asia
1999 Spanish Ice Sports Federation  Spain Europe
1966 Swedish Curling Association  Sweden Europe
1966 Swiss Curling Association   Switzerland Europe
2009 Turkish Curling Association  Turkey Europe
2013 Ukrainian Curling Federation  Ukraine Europe
1966 United States Curling Association  United States The Americas
1991 US Virgin Islands Curling Association  U.S. Virgin Islands The Americas
1982 Welsh Curling Association  Wales Europe

*The Armenia Curling Federation was suspended for failure to pay subscriptions.[5]

Executive board

The current executive board as of September 2014 is as follows:[6]

President: Kate Caithness (Scotland)
Vice Presidents:

Americas: Graham Prouse (Canada)
Pacific-Asia: Hugh Millikin (Australia)
Europe: Bent Ånund Ramsfjell (Norway)

Board of Directors:

Andy Anderson (United States)
Hew Chalmers (Scotland)
Laura Lochanski (Canada)
Toyo Ogawa (Japan)

Former presidents

Former presidents of the WCF and ICF are listed below:[7]

PresidentMember associationYears in office
Presidents of the ICF
Major Allan CameronScotland1966–1969
Brigadier Colin A. CampbellCanada1969–1979
Sven A. EklundSweden1979–1982
G. Clifton ThompsonCanada1982–1985
Philip DawsonScotland1985–1988
Dr. Donald F. BarcomeUnited States1988–1990
Presidents of the WCF
Günther HummeltAustria1990–2000
Roy SinclairScotland2000–2006
Les HarrisonCanada2006–2010

Competitions and Championships

The WCF currently manages or is involved in 154 events around the world. Following is a list of those events:[8]

International Events
World Women's Curling Championship (WWCC) For twelve women’s teams from the Americas, European and Pacific Zones.
World Men's Curling Championship (WMCC) For twelve men’s teams from the Americas, European and Pacific Zones.
World Junior Curling Championships (WJCC) For ten junior men’s and ten junior women’s teams from the Americas, European and Pacific Zones.
World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship (WMDCC) Open Entry: one team may enter from each Member Association. One male and one female player on each team.
World Senior Curling Championships (WSCC) Open Entry: one team from each gender may enter from each Member Association. The players must not be less than 50 years of age.
World Wheelchair Curling Championship (WWhCC) The world championships for wheelchair curling; for ten mixed gender teams.
World Wheelchair Curling Championship Qualification Open to mixed gender wheelchair curling teams from associations that have not already qualified for the next WWhCC.
Winter Olympic Games Ten men’s and ten women's teams in format similar to WCC; an IOC event.
Winter Paralympic Games Ten mixed gender wheelchair curling teams in format similar to WWhCC; an IPC event.
Regional Events
Pacific-Asia Curling Championships (PCC) For men’s and women’s teams from the Pacific zone; acts as qualification to the World Curling Championships (WCC).
Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Championships (PJCC) For junior men’s and women’s teams from the Pacific Zone; acts as qualification to the WJCC.
European Curling Championships (ECC) For men’s and women’s teams from the European Zone; acts as qualification to the WCC.
European Junior Curling Challenge (EJCC) For junior men's and women's teams from the European zone that have not already qualified for WJCC.
Americas Challenge For qualification to the WCC and WJCC, only if the second-ranked member association from the Americas zone is challenged. (ex. 2010 USA-Brazil Challenge)

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