Workers' Party (Montenegro)

Workers' Party
Radnička partija
Радничка партија
Leader Janko Vučinić
Founded 3 March 2015
Headquarters Alekse Backovića, Nikšić, Montenegro
Ideology Socialism[1]
Labour rights
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Democratic Front
Parliament of Montenegro
1 / 81

The Workers' Party (Montenegrin: Radnička partija, Радничка партија, RP) is left-wing opposition political party in Montenegro.[2]


The party was established in 3 March 2015 by Janko Vučinić, former union leader. Since its foundation, RP is a constituent member of the opposition Democratic Front (DF) alliance.

Electoral results

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Alliance Government
2012 82,773 22.82%
1 / 81
DF opposition
2016 77,784 20.32%
1 / 81
DF opposition


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