Women Superstars Uncensored

Women Superstars Uncensored
Acronym WSU
Founded 2006
Style Professional wrestling
Owner(s) Jac Sabboth (2006-2007)
Sean McCaffrey (2007-2012)
Drew Cordeiro (2012-2014)
DJ Hyde (2013-present)
Sister Wrestling Superstars Unleashed
Formerly Women Superstars Unleashed
Website Official website

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is an American, New Jersey based women's professional wrestling promotion which held its first event in 2006.[1] Shows combine wrestling interspersed with both serious and comedic storylines.[2] The company tapes two DVDs worth of material during weekend shows. Although many of the shows are promoted solely by WSU, they have also worked with National Wrestling Superstars.[3] As of October 2009, the promotion has a working agreement with Dragon Gate USA.

WSU is considered one of the top women's wrestling organizations in the United States.[4] The company claims to be "the leader in women's wrestling in the northeast" and to promote more cards than any other women's wrestling company in the country.[5]


As of September 4, 2018

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Previous Champion
WSU World Championship Tessa Blanchard 1 June 16, 2018 80+ Mercedes Martinez
WSU Tag Team Championship Ruthless Ambition (Maria Manic and Penelope Ford) 1 May 13, 2017 479+ The Fella Twins (Eddy McQueen & Rick Cataldo)
WSU Spirit Championship Jordynne Grace 1 June 16, 2018 80+ Kiera Hogan


Tournament Last winner(s) Last held
WSU Queen and King of the Ring Su Yung and Blackwater September 11, 2017
J-Cup Tournament Shanna October 12, 2013

WSU Hall of Fame

In 2009, WSU created a hall of fame with an inaugural class of three members.[6]


Year Ring name
2009 Malia Hosaka
Missy Hyatt
Sherri Martel
2010 Dawn Marie
Molly Holly
2011 April Hunter
Luna Vachon
2012 Cindy Rogers
Dixie Carter
Georgiann Makropoulos
2015 Amy Lee
2016 Alicia
2017 Mercedes Martinez

Pay-per-view events

Theme Song Friction Imagine Dragons

WSU Uncensored Rumble 5

On November 6, 2010, WSU aired their first internet pay-per-view (iPPV) event on GoFightLive.TV.

Event Date
Breaking Barriers November 6, 2010
Final Chapter January 22, 2011
4th Anniversary Show March 5, 2011
Uncensored Rumble IV June 25, 2011
Breaking Barriers II November 19, 2011
5th Anniversary Show March 3, 2012
Uncensored Rumble V June 16, 2012
Queen & King Of The Ring 2013 May 11, 2013
Uncensored Rumble 2013 August 10, 2013
Blood And Thunder October 12, 2013
Mutiny February 8, 2014
Queen & King Of The Ring 2014 May 10, 2014
United July 12, 2014
Power May 9, 2014
Resurgence September 13, 2014
Breaking Barriers III November 8, 2014
8th Anniversary Show February 21, 2015
Excellence September 12, 2015
9th Anniversary Show February 13, 2016
Resurgence 2 September 10, 2016
Breaking Barriers IV November 19, 2016
10th Anniversary Show February 11, 2017
Breaking Barriers V June 16, 2018

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