Woldemichael Solomon

Woldemichael Solomon was an Eritrean ruler. He served as the Ras (Duke) of the Medri Bahri kingdom and Hamasien during the 19th century.


Ras Woldemichael was born into the Hazega clan.[1]

He served as prince of Hazega in Eritrea. His unofficial title was Ras, Woldemichael Solomon because, although he ruled as a king, his leadership ended before he was crowned the Governor of Hamasien (which is mainly located in present-day Eritrea, where he is widely celebrated as a hero standing for Eritrean sovereignty).[2]

Ras Woldemichael Solomon fought against Emperor Yohannes IV who sent Ras Alula to fight him. When Ras Alula became aware of the difficulties fighting Woldemichael, he tricked him by arranging a peace treaty that he had no intention of observing, swearing on The Bible that he wouldn't attack. However, Alula broke his promise and imprisoned Ras Woldemichael at Amba Selama, ruling Hamasien himself afterwards. Woldemichael later settled in Axum, Ethiopia until his death in 1906.


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