Wil Cwac Cwac

Wil Cwac Cwac is a Welsh-language television cartoon based on a series of children's books written in the early 1930s by Jennie Thomas and J. O. Williams (including the famous Welsh-language book Llyfr Mawr y Plant). The cartoon series ran from 1982 to 1986 on ITV. Both book and cartoon series take place in rural Wales. The Welsh-language series was produced by Siriol Animation for S4C. An English-language version of the show (called Will Quack Quack) was produced for the wider English-speaking market.[1] In both versions, all narration and characters were voiced by Myfanwy Talog. An American English dub was also made, with Liza Ross narrating. This version aired in the United States on The Disney Channel as a segment on the program Lunch Box.


Wil (Will) (the main character)
Martha (Wil's mother)
Hwmffra (Wil's father)
Percy (Wil's cousin)
Mari Pickles (Martha's friend)
Sioni (friend; chicken, he wears a blue and white striped pants, a light blue coat and white scarf.)
Huw (friend; goose, he wears a blue shirt and yellow pants with red suspenders.)
Dic (friend; duck, he wears a pink shirt and red polka-dot pants.)
Ifan (friend; turkey, he wears overalls and a green shirt.)
Doctor Parry (the only doctor in town; ram)
Mr. Puw The Shop (grumpy shopkeeper; pig)
Mr. Owie Policeman (the only policeman in town; goose)
Mr. Jones The School (the head teacher; goat)


Episode 1 - Mr. Puw-the-Shop
Episode 2 - The Birthday
Episode 3 - Late For School!
Episode 4 - The Fishing Rod
Episode 5 - Football
Episode 6 - Atishoo!
Episode 7 - The Bike
Episode 8 - Hiccups
Episode 9 - Pepper!
Episode 10 - Pancakes
Episode 11 - The China Dog
Episode 12 - Whip And Top
Episode 13 - Coalhouse
Episode 14 - Whitewash
Episode 15 - Hwmffra's Letter
Episode 16 - Will, Sioni And The Bikes
Episode 17 - Clogs
Episode 18 - Doctor Parry
Episode 19 - Cousin Percy
Episode 20 - Thief
Episode 21 - Honey
Episode 22 - Horseshoe
Episode 23 - Mill Ness Monster
Episode 24 - Cops And Robbers
Episode 25 - Stuck In A Tree
Episode 26 - A Shower
Episode 27 - Will Goes Missing
Episode 28 - The Ring
Episode 29 - The Concert
Episode 30 - Hwmffra Has A Drink


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