Type Pudding
Course Dessert
Place of origin Sri Lanka
Region or state Sri Lanka
Main ingredients Coconut or Condensed cow's milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, other spices
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Watalappam (also called watalappan or vatlappam) is a coconut custard pudding made of coconut milk or condensed milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, various spices, including cardamom, cloves,[1] and nutmeg, and sometimes thick pandan juice or grated vanilla pods. It is popular among ethnic Tamils and Moors, as well as the Tamil Muslims of Tamil Nadu, India. Watalappam may originate with Sri Lankan Malays,[2] who came to the country during Dutch rule. The dessert is popular during weddings, religious festivals and other social functions and celebrations.

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