WSF World Team Squash Championships

WSF World Team Squash Championships
Sport Squash
Founded M : 1967
W : 1976
No. of teams 32 (maximum)
Countries WSF members
Continent International (WSF)
Most recent
M :  Egypt (4th title)
W :  Egypt (3rd title)
Most titles M :  Australia (8 titles)
W :  Australia (9 titles)
TV partner(s) WorldSquashTV
Official website Men's World Team
Women's World Team

The WSF World Team Squash Championships are an international squash competition organised by the World Squash Federation (WSF) and played between teams representing different nations. Countries enter teams of three or four players to represent them in the championships. In each round of the competition, teams face each other in a best-of-three singles matches contest. The competition is held once every two years, with the venue changing each time. Normally the men's and women's events are held separately in different years in two different locations.



2017 Egypt England Australia
 Hong Kong
Marseille, France
2015Cancelled [3] Cairo, Egypt[3]
2013[4] England Egypt France Australia Mulhouse, France
2011 Egypt England Australia France Paderborn, Germany
2009 Egypt France Australia England Odense, Denmark
2007 England Australia France Egypt Chennai, India
2005 England Egypt France Canada Islamabad, Pakistan
2003 Australia France England Egypt Vienna, Austria
2001 Australia Egypt England Scotland Melbourne, Australia
1999 Egypt Wales England Australia Cairo, Egypt
1997 England Canada Australia Egypt Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
1995 England Pakistan Egypt Australia Cairo, Egypt
1993 Pakistan Australia England Finland Karachi, Pakistan
1991 Australia England Finland Egypt Helsinki, Finland
1989 Australia Pakistan England New Zealand Singapore
1987 Pakistan New Zealand England Australia London, England
1985 Pakistan New Zealand Australia England Cairo, Egypt
1983 Pakistan England Australia Egypt Auckland, New Zealand
1981 Pakistan Australia Egypt England Stockholm, Sweden
1979 Great Britain Pakistan Australia Egypt Brisbane, Australia
1977 Pakistan New Zealand Egypt Great Britain Toronto, Canada
1976 Great Britain Pakistan Australia Egypt Birmingham, England
1973 Australia Great Britain South Africa New Zealand Johannesburg, South Africa
1971 Australia Great Britain Pakistan Egypt Palmerston North, New Zealand
1969 Australia Great Britain South Africa Pakistan Birmingham, England
1967 Australia Great Britain New Zealand South Africa Melbourne, Australia

Wins by country

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia83819
2 Pakistan64111
3 England54615
4 Egypt43310
5 Great Britain24-6
6 New Zealand-314
7 France-235
8 Canada-1-1
10 South Africa--22
11 Finland--11
 Hong Kong--11



2016 Egypt England France
Hong Kong
Paris, France
2014 England Malaysia Egypt Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
2012 Egypt England Malaysia Nîmes, France
2010 Australia England Malaysia Palmerston North, New Zealand
2008 Egypt England Malaysia Cairo, Egypt
2006 England Egypt Malaysia Edmonton, Canada
2004 Australia England New Zealand Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 Australia England New Zealand Odense, Denmark
2000 England Australia New Zealand Sheffield, England
1998 Australia England New Zealand Stuttgart, Germany
1996 Australia England South Africa Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
1994 Australia England South Africa Saint Peter Port, Guernsey
1992 Australia New Zealand England Vancouver, Canada
1990 England Australia New Zealand Sydney, Australia
1989 England Australia New Zealand Warmond, Netherlands
1987 England Australia New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
1985 England New Zealand Australia Dublin, Ireland
1983 Australia England New Zealand Perth, Australia
1981 Australia England New Zealand Toronto, Canada
1979 Great Britain Australia Ireland Birmingham, England

Wins by country

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia95115
2 England711119
3 Egypt3115
4 Great Britain1--1
5 New Zealand-2911
6 Malaysia-145
7 South Africa--22
8 France--11
8 Hong Kong--11
8 Ireland--11

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