Vocea Basarabiei

Vocea Basarabiei
Voice of Bessarabia
Type Radio network
Country Moldova
Availability National
Licence area
Owner Euro Nova
Key people
Valeriu Saharneanu
Launch date
18 June 2000
Official website

Vocea Basarabiei (English: Voice of Bessarabia) is a Romanian language radio station in Moldova.


Vocea Basarabiei was launched on 18 June 2000 in Nisporeni. The Audiovisual Coordinating Council refused in 2002 and 2003 to register Vocea Basarabiei.[1] On 15 January 2005 the station began to broadcast from Chişinău.

The radio station is broadcasting in Chişinău on 71.57; in Nisporeni on 105.7; in Glodeni on 100.3; in Taraclia on 101.9; in Soroca on 67.69 and 103.1; in Drochia and Pelinia on 101.0; in Ştefan Vodă on 103.8; in Căuşeni on 91.9; Vulcăneşti on 106.7; Rezina on 101.9; Străşeni on 102.3; Glodeni on 101.3; Satelit - Eutelsat: 11 111.1280 MH

Notable people


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