Vikentije I

Vikentije I
Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch
Church Serbian Patriarchate of Peć
See Patriarchal Monastery of Peć
Installed 1758
Term ended 1758
Predecessor Gavrilo III
Successor Pajsije II
Personal details
Nationality Rum Millet (Serbian)
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Church
Occupation Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Vikentije I Stefanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Викентије I Стефановић) was Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch for a short time during 1758.

During the Habsburg rule in the Kingdom of Serbia (1718–1739), Vićentije served as archdeacon of Metropolitan Vikentije Jovanović of Belgrade (1731-1737). After Ottoman reconquest of Belgrade in 1739, Vikentije Stefanović decided to stay in Serbia, and rose through ecclesiastical ranks, becoming Metropolitan of Belgrade in 1753, under Serbian Patriarch Gavrilo III. Between 1755 and 1758, patriarch Gavrilo III was challenged by several rivals and finally lost the patriarchal throne. From that turmoil, metropolitan Vikentije finally emerged as new Serbian Patriarch.[1] His tenure was very short. Upon arriving to Constantinople, he was struck with sudden illness and died. His successor was Metropolitan of Užice and Valjevo Pajsije, who traveled with him to Constantinople, becoming new Serbian Patriarch as Pajsije II.[1]



Eastern Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Gavrilo III
Serbian Patriarch
Succeeded by
Pajsije II

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