Vietnam National Games

Vietnam National Games (sometimes known as All-nation Sport and Physical Training Grand Festival) (Vietnamese: Đại hội Thể dục thể thao toàn quốc) is a four-year multi-sport event involving participants from provinces, centrally-controlled cities, public security, military, education and training.

They are permitted to establish teams that represent them to involve in contests. If grand festivals of provinces or municipalities are not held before national games, the presenting teams fail to take part in sport grand festival. The games is under regulation of the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. The games was held six times till 2013.

The goals of these sports events are to examine the four-year training cycle of athletes, managerial civil servants, trainers..; to exercise the national sporting athletes for international competitions; to encourage provinces, major cities in training talent sporters.

2017 Vietnam national games

Host: An Giang

2014 Vietnam national games

Hosts: Nam Định, and some sports held at Thái Bình, Hà Nam, Ninh Bình, Hai Phong, Hải Dương, Hòa Bình, Quảng Ninh, Ha Noi. This was 7th Vietnam national games.

The 2014 Vietnam National Games featured 36 sports in 743 events.

SportMôn thi đấu
1AthleticsĐiền kinh
2FootballBóng đá
4WeightliftingCử tạ
6Chess/Chinese chessCờ (cờ vua/cờ tướng)
7VolleyballBóng chuyền
8AquaticsThể thao dưới nước
10BodybuildingThể hình
11BadmintonQuần vợt
12Vovinam (Việt Võ Đạo)Vovinam
14Traditional martial artsVõ cổ truyền
15Pencak silatPencak silat
17Sepak takraw (kick volleyball)Cầu mây
18BadmintonCầu lông
20Table tennisBóng bàn
22Billiard-snookerBida snooker
23ArcheryBắn cung
24Boat raceĐua thuyền
26BicyclingXe đạp
28HandballBóng ném
29BasketballBóng rổ
30DancesportDance sport
31Sport aerobicsSport aerobic
32GymnasticsThể dục dụng cụ
33ShootingBắn súng
35FencingĐấu kiếm
36ShuttlecockĐá cầu
1Ha Noi167118137422
2Ho Chi Minh city124103103330

2010 Vietnam National Games

Host: Da Nang Time: Jan–Dec 2010 Sports: 41, with 903 events. Teams: 66 Final standing:

1Ha Noi191150139
2Ho Chi Minh city127110138
4Da Nang574752

2006 Vietnam National Games

Host: Ho Chi Minh city Time: Sept 2006 Sports: 40 ; with 53 disciplines.

1Ha Noi14811281341
2Ho Chi Minh city12192109322
4Hai Phong422438104
5Public security20172259
6Hà Tây19233072
7Thái Nguyên16242565
8Hải Dương16203470
9Đồng Tháp159933
10An Giang14232360

2002 Vietnam National Games

Host: Ha Noi

1995 Vietnam National Games

Host: Ha Noi

1990 Vietnam National Games

Host: Ha Noi

1985 Vietnam National Games

Host: Ha Noi


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