Vicente Barrantes Moreno

Vicente Barrantes (1829, Badajoz – 1898) was a Spanish bibliophile, poet and writer.

Criticism by Rizal

Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, wrote two letters addressing Barrantes' criticism of the Noli Me Tángere[1] and the Tagalog theater.[2]

Narrative works

  • Juan de Padilla Madrid, p. I, 1855, p. II, 1856 (Imp of Ramon Campuzano), historical novel.
  • Always late, Madrid, 1852 (C. Gonzalez), original novel, reprinted in Madrid (Printing of Alhambra and Company) 1862.
  • Padilla's widow Madrid, 1857 (Impr. Gabriel Alhambra), historical novel.
  • Narratives Extremadura Madrid, 1873 (Imp of J. Peña)
  • Tales and legends Madrid, 1875 (P. Muñez)
  • The popular narrative veinteicuatro Cordoba Cordoba (Imp and lib. D. Rafael Arroyo), 1859.
  • The soldier's beloved, New York, novels collection Chronicle (1848–1851)
  • A literary suicide. She Spain.
  • The court poets. Historical novel of 1619.
  • Don Rodrigo Calderon. Historical novel, serial, published in The Enlightenment, 1851–1852.


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