Vegepet is the brand of a line of vegan dog and cat food by Harbingers of a New Age, based in Troy, Montana, United States.

It is one of a few brands of vegan pet food recommended by vegan organizations.[1][2]

According to Vegepet, their recipes meet nutrient levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials' Nutrient Profiles.



  • Supplements: Vegecat, Vegecat pH, Vegekit
  • Premix: Vegecat KibbleMix


  • Premix: Vegedog

Nutritional study

In 2004, a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association evaluated two commercial vegetarian pet foods for nutritional adequacy, which included Vegecat KibbleMix supplement. The study concluded that both Vegecat KibbleMix and the other vegetarian pet food had multiple nutritional inadequacies, particularly taurine, when compared against the AAFCO minimal nutrient profile for cat diets. Vitamin A level leaned high but was still within the AAFCO maximum safe intake.[3] In an apologetic reply, the manufacturer of Vegecat attributed the test results to a manufacturing error during the mixing process and an inaccurate nutrient profile of a food yeast, and asserted they were taking steps to correct the problems.[4]

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