Abbreviation VLDB
Discipline Database
Publication details
Publisher VLDB Endowment Inc.
History 1975–
Frequency annual

VLDB is an annual conference held by the non-profit Very Large Data Base Endowment Inc. The mission of VLDB is to promote and exchange scholarly work in databases and related fields throughout the world. The VLDB conference began in 1975 and is now closely associated with SIGMOD and SIGKDD.


Year City Country Link
2019 Los Angeles, California  USA http://vldb.org/2019/
2018 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil http://vldb2018.lncc.br
2017 Munich  Germany http://www.vldb.org/2017/
2016 New Delhi  India http://vldb2016.persistent.com/
2015 Hawaii  USA http://vldb.org/2015/
2014 Hangzhou  China http://www.vldb.org/2014/
2013 Riva del Garda  Italy http://www.vldb.org/2013/
2012 Istanbul  Turkey http://www.vldb2012.org
2011 Seattle  USA http://www.vldb.org/2011/
2010 Singapore  Singapore http://vldb2010.org/
2009 Lyon  France http://vldb2009.org/
2008 Auckland  New Zealand VLDB at cs.auckland.ac.nz
2007 Vienna  Austria http://www.vldb.org/archives/website/2007/
2006 Seoul  South Korea dblp
2005 Trondheim  Norway dblp
2004 Toronto  Canada dblp
2003 Berlin  Germany dblp
2002 Hong Kong  China dblp
2001 Rome  Italy dblp
2000 Cairo  Egypt dblp
1999 Edinburgh  UK uni-trier.de
1998 New York City  USA uni-trier.de
1997 Athens  Greece uni-trier.de
1996 Bombay  India uni-trier.de
1995 Zurich   Switzerland uni-trier.de
1994 Santiago de Chile  Chile uni-trier.de
1993 Dublin  Ireland uni-trier.de
1992 Vancouver  Canada uni-trier.de
1991 Barcelona  Spain uni-trier.de
1990 Brisbane  Australia uni-trier.de
1989 Amsterdam  the Netherlands uni-trier.de
1988 Los Angeles  USA uni-trier.de
1987 Brighton  UK uni-trier.de
1986 Kyoto  Japan uni-trier.de
1985 Stockholm  Sweden uni-trier.de
1984 Singapore  Singapore uni-trier.de
1983 Florence  Italy uni-trier.de
1982 Mexico City  Mexico uni-trier.de
1981 Cannes  France uni-trier.de
1980 Montreal  Canada uni-trier.de
1979 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil uni-trier.de
1978 West Berlin  West Germany uni-trier.de
1977 Tokyo  Japan uni-trier.de
1976 Brussels  Belgium uni-trier.de
1975 Framingham  USA uni-trier.de
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