Usila Chinantec

Native to Mexico
Region Oaxaca, one town in Veracruz
Ethnicity Chinantecs
Native speakers
7,400 (2000)[1]
  • Western Oto-Mangue
Language codes
ISO 639-3 cuc
Glottolog usil1237[2]

Usila is a Chinantec language of Mexico. It is most similar to Tlacoatzintepec Chinantec, with which it has 50% intelligibility (intelligibility in the reverse direction is 85%, presumably due to greater familiarity in that direction).[3]

Like other Chinantec and Mazatec languages, Usila Chinantec is a tonal language noted for having whistled speech. Its tone system is unusually detailed, however, with five register tones.


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