United States presidential elections in New Mexico

Presidential elections in New Mexico
No. of elections 27
Voted Democrat 13
Voted Republican 14
Voted other 0
Voted for winning candidate 24
Voted for losing candidate 3

Following is a table of United States presidential elections in New Mexico, ordered by year. Since its admission to statehood in 1912, New Mexico has participated in every U.S. presidential election.

Winners of the state are in bold.

Year Winner (nationally) Votes Percent Loser (nationally) Votes Percent Other national
candidates[lower-alpha 1]
Votes Percent Electoral
2016Donald Trump319,66740.04Hillary Clinton385,23448.26-5
2012Barack Obama415,33552.99Mitt Romney335,78842.84-5
2008Barack Obama472,42256.91John McCain346,83241.78-5
2004George W. Bush376,93049.84John Kerry370,94249.05-5
2000George W. Bush286,41747.85Al Gore286,78347.91-5
1996Bill Clinton273,49549.18Bob Dole232,75141.86Ross Perot32,2575.805
1992Bill Clinton261,61745.90George H. W. Bush212,82437.34Ross Perot91,89516.125
1988George H. W. Bush270,34151.86Michael Dukakis244,49746.90-5
1984Ronald Reagan307,10159.70Walter Mondale201,76939.23-5
1980Ronald Reagan250,77954.97Jimmy Carter167,82636.78John B. Anderson29,4596.464
1976Jimmy Carter201,14848.28Gerald Ford211,41950.75-4
1972Richard Nixon235,60661.05George McGovern141,08436.56-4
1968Richard Nixon169,69251.85Hubert Humphrey130,08139.75George Wallace25,7377.864
1964Lyndon B. Johnson194,01759.22Barry Goldwater131,83840.24-4
1960John F. Kennedy156,02750.15Richard Nixon153,73349.41-4
1956Dwight D. Eisenhower146,78857.81Adlai Stevenson II106,09841.78T. Coleman Andrews/
Unpledged Electors[lower-alpha 2]
1952Dwight D. Eisenhower132,17055.39Adlai Stevenson II105,66144.28-4
1948Harry S. Truman105,46456.38Thomas E. Dewey80,30342.93Strom Thurmond-4
1944Franklin D. Roosevelt81,38953.47Thomas E. Dewey70,68846.44-4
1940Franklin D. Roosevelt103,69956.59Wendell Willkie79,31543.28-3
1936Franklin D. Roosevelt106,03762.69Alf Landon61,72736.50-3
1932Franklin D. Roosevelt95,08962.72Herbert Hoover54,21735.76-3
1928Herbert Hoover69,64559.01Al Smith48,21140.85-3
1924Calvin Coolidge54,74548.52John W. Davis48,54243.02Robert M. La Follette Sr.9,5438.463
1920Warren G. Harding57,63454.68James M. Cox46,66844.27Parley P. Christensen1,1041.053
1916Woodrow Wilson33,52750.20Charles E. Hughes31,15246.64-3
1912Woodrow Wilson20,43741.39Theodore Roosevelt8,34716.90William H. Taft17,73335.913


  1. For purposes of these lists, other national candidates are defined as those who won at least one electoral vote, or won at least ten percent of the vote in multiple states.
  2. Was allied with a slate of unpledged electors in Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina
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