United States presidential elections in Alaska

Presidential elections in Alaska
No. of elections 15
Voted Democrat 1
Voted Republican 14
Voted other 0
Voted for winning candidate 9
Voted for losing candidate 6

Following is a table of United States presidential elections in Alaska, ordered by year. Since its admission to statehood in 1959, Alaska has participated in every U.S. presidential election.

Winners of the state are in bold.

Year Winner (nationally) Votes Percent Loser (nationally) Votes Percent Other national
candidates[lower-alpha 1]
Votes Percent Electoral
2016Donald Trump163,38751.28Hillary Clinton116,45436.55-3
2012Barack Obama122,64040.81Mitt Romney164,67654.80-3
2008Barack Obama123,59437.89John McCain193,84159.42-3
2004George W. Bush190,88961.07John Kerry111,02535.52-3
2000George W. Bush167,39858.62Al Gore79,00427.67-3
1996Bill Clinton80,38033.27Bob Dole122,74650.80Ross Perot26,33310.903
1992Bill Clinton78,29430.29George H. W. Bush102,00039.46Ross Perot73,48128.433
1988George H. W. Bush119,25159.59Michael Dukakis72,58436.27-3
1984Ronald Reagan138,37766.65Walter Mondale62,00729.87-3
1980Ronald Reagan86,11254.35Jimmy Carter41,84226.41John B. Anderson11,1557.043
1976Jimmy Carter44,05835.65Gerald Ford71,55557.90-3
1972Richard Nixon55,34958.13George McGovern32,96734.62-3
1968Richard Nixon37,60045.28Hubert Humphrey35,41142.65George Wallace10,02412.073
1964Lyndon B. Johnson44,32965.91Barry Goldwater22,93034.09-3
1960John F. Kennedy29,80949.06Richard Nixon30,95350.94-3


  1. For purposes of these lists, other national candidates are defined as those who won at least one electoral vote, or won at least ten percent of the vote in multiple states.
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