United States presidential election in Wisconsin, 1900

United States presidential election, 1900

November 6, 1900

Nominee William McKinley William Jennings Bryan
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Ohio Nebraska
Running mate Theodore Roosevelt Adlai Stevenson I
Electoral vote 12 0
Popular vote 265,760 159,163
Percentage 60.06% 35.97%

President before election

William McKinley

Elected President

William McKinley

The 1900 United States presidential election in Wisconsin was held on November 6, 1900. Wisconsin voters chose twelve electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Republican Party candidate William McKinley won the state with 60% of the popular vote, winning Wisconsin's twelve electoral votes.[1]


United States presidential election in Wisconsin, 1900
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican William McKinley 265,760 60.06% 12
Democratic William Jennings Bryan 159,163 35.97% 0
Prohibition John G. Woolley 10,027 2.27% 0
Social Democratic Eugene V. Debs 7,048 1.59% 0
Socialist Labor Joseph F. Maloney 503 0.11% 0
Totals 447,409 100.0% 12


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